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After years of pestering their co-workers at the local artless multiplex, movie theater employees Luke and Erik have finally decided to subject other people to their laugh-filled commentary on the latest films to hit the box office. VoiceBoxOffice is complete with reviews of new releases, rundowns of the entertainment world’s most pressing headlines, and even BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!

42. Say His Name - Candyman, The Night House, Reminiscence

September 5th, 2021
A haunted house, a killer ghost with a hook, and Hugh Jackman. Which one's scarier? Find out on this weeks episode of VoiceBoxOffice! Segments include reviews of new releases, headache headlines, and BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!

New Releases: CandymanThe Night HouseReminiscence

If you are interested in being a part of the program and having your review read on our show, email us at voiceboxoffice@gmail.com

Please note: All types of correspondence are encouraged: film reviews, work stories, reports on how your movie theater's popcorn tastes, and so on. If you would like to remain anonymous, you certainly have that option, but please indicate that in your email.

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