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After years of pestering their co-workers at the local artless multiplex, movie theater employees Luke and Erik have finally decided to subject other people to their laugh-filled commentary on the latest films to hit the box office. VoiceBoxOffice is complete with reviews of new releases, rundowns of the entertainment world’s most pressing headlines, and even BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!

About Us

Luke Parker

Luke Parker is an award-winning film critic and columnist based in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. As an entertainment journalist, he has interviewed several members of the film industry and participated in some of its most prestigious events as a member of the press. Currently, he is working to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Towson University.

Erik Hamlet

Erik Hamlet is an up-and-coming filmmaker/film nerd based in Baltimore. Erik began his film quest by making short films in high school. Since then, he's been the lead editor on multiple short films and web series, and has even worked as a production assistant on the HBO documentary, "Baltimore Rising." He enjoys long walks on the beach and bathing in the blood of his enemies.

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Luke – @monty_parker31

Erik – @iAmMrHam

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